Meh (Or, Thoughts on the Election)



I tend to avoid overtly political posts. By that I mean that I try to not write about specific candidates, unless they say something theologically ignorant or profound. The former happens much more frequently than the latter. All of this to say that I try to remember that I am called to be of service to all persons, and I don’t want political disagreements to prevent the possibility of fulfilling that call.

My FB feed is filled with those overjoyed with Hillary Clinton’s presumptive nomination; those who think it is not over and that Bernie still has a chance with superdelegates; those who are resigned to vote for whomever the DNC nominates; those who will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances; and those who simply will not vote. I admit, I have either taken known Trump supporters off my timeline or unfriended them (mostly because of a lack of civility, something I also had to do with a few Bernie supporters). I know it is going to be a long five months, and while I hope to not have to write any more about specific candidates–the likelihood of that, with the walking disaster that is Trump, is low–so I’m weighing in on this now and hope to not post anything on FB about this particular issue again.

I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I do so without great enthusiasm, but I don’t do so with reservations, given the system we have and the options presented. In no way, shape, or form do I think Secretary Clinton and Donald Drumpf are one and the same. I understand the myriad concerns people have with Clinton, from her ties to corporate monies to foreign policy positions. I understand that for many of us, the Clintons represent a pulling to the right of the Democratic Party and that her progressivism seems to be opportunistically inconsistent. But let there be no doubt. She is wholly, completely qualified to be president of the United States. Trump is a buffoon. A charlatan. An ego-maniacal, mediocre salesman who was given money and opportunity by the genetic lottery. He has accomplished things, to be sure, but they largely reflect great deficiencies in our culture. His books are read instead of serious treatises from learned economists; his reality show revealed the celebrated duplicity of persons like Omarossa and Gene Simmons. His misogyny, racism, and xenophobia are both casual and aggressive. The support he is garnering from across the Republican Party–even amongst those who are disgusted by him–reveals what is at stake. For the sake of women, ethnic and racial minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and the wrong kinds of white people (of whom I am a proud member), I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

I think that the United States made a fundamental error in allowing capitalism to be less an economic system and more a political philosophy dictating policies. Our country is an oligarchy. People much smarter than I have concluded this, and I believe it to be true. As a follower of Jesus Christ, which does not necessarily inform the candidate whom I chose but does impact the issues that are important to me, I cannot support an economic or political system that is based upon the oppression and subjugation of human persons. No government instituted by human beings will ever be perfect (hence why we Christians pray that God’s kin-dom come), and I don’t necessarily know what should replace what we have now, but I think it should be replaced. So my objections to Hillary Clinton are largely based on my fundamental disagreements with capitalism and a two-party system that is intimately tied to corporate money.

I have thought this through for myself. I’m not saying that I am correct and that others should follow my lead. What I am saying, though, is that I will delete off my FB wall anything that attempts to get me to do something other than vote for Hillary Clinton. I will gladly cast my vote for the first female president, and I will do so with a similar pride and appreciation as I did when I voted for President Obama the first time. (I was proud the second time as well, but it was a different experience and came with some mixed emotions because of the Administration’s drone policy.) Until then, I’m just gonna keep on trying to love everybody and do some good in my little slice of the world.

3 thoughts on “Meh (Or, Thoughts on the Election)

  1. It is a relief to read your words about Trump and this discouraging situation. I feel so disgusted and disillusioned with the whole voting process. It is a shame in our country we cannot pick persons with more integrity and wisdom. Most of what is said by Trump and Clinton I find to be inane and useless communication. I find it really incomprehensible that Ryan and others endorse this dangerous man.

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