Getting on the Record:In which the pastor writes very unpastoral things

trump nazi

There’s a tweet going around pointing out that a lot of White people are joking about moving to Canada if Trump wins, but minorities are legitimately afraid of what might happen to them. And given the violence that has been unleashed at (primarily) persons of color at Trump rallies as Trump gleefully rubs his stubby fingers and orders more marmots sacrificed for his hairpieces, ethnic “minorities” (seriously, what a bullshit and loaded term) have legions of reasons to fear. Trump recently bellowed from that orange-painted blowhole that passes for a mouth-anus, that protesters used to be dealt with in more severe manners. I think he was envisioning something like this:

civil rights

Or this:


Ah, yes. Those wonderful days in which students and minorities lived in rightful fear of their government, police forces, and military. An America in which the second amendment trumps the first, and the government cannot be criticized without allegations of socialism, communism, or anti-Americanism being hurled.

But with all respect to the original tweeter of the message regarding a divide between Whites and non-Whites in Trump’s America, I kind of think we’ve passed that point. We should not forget that a number of White people lost their lives during the Civil Rights movement. Thousands and thousands of non-Jews were killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. And Trump does not seem to have any real racial motivation behind his accusations that people are losers or lightweights. Trump just hates anyone who criticizes him. What he has done, though, is given tacit and not-so-tacit signals to racists and White supremacists  that their actions will not only be tolerated, but also protected.

If Trump’s ideology was purely racist, he would not have gotten as far as he has. Trump is a mastermind at stoking the fires of fear, but also at playing into the sense of righteous indignation plaguing those who hate “libtards.” They are the people who believe that President Obama is a racist; they are the ones who believe that Millennials are brainwashed by Leftist professors who teach them to hate America; they are people who literally believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old; they deny climate change; they think the answer to almost everything plaguing us is more guns and less regulation of everything; and they feel like everyone who disagrees with them should be imprisoned or killed. Click on the links. These beliefs are held by “mainstream” people. Many of them ran for president on the GOP ticket.

So what we’re dealing with here is racism, yes. But it is a larger clash between ideologies and methods of discourse. What’s sad is that a majority of Republicans also believe the insidious lie that somehow the Left (ie Obama) is solely to blame, that we’ve become so radical that there are no “moderate” Democrats exist. (If Hillary Clinton is not a moderate, I do not know who is.) The fact is, studies show that the entire country has gone right politically since Nixon, and that the Republicans have moved much more than the Dems. Republicans have made it their modus operandi to block Obama since day one. (Really, do you need a link?)

So I’m just going to get on record to say that there is fear of Trump across races. Don’t think that somehow White people are resting easy and saying, “Ah, Trump won’t be so bad for us. Our race will protect us.” Trump will not like me because I am White; he will hate me because I will not believe his malarkey and accept his asinine political promises. I certainly acknowledge that Trump is tapping into racial fears, but he is no mere bigot. He is a megalomaniac with enough influence to get others to do his violent bidding. All of us who do not get in line are in danger.

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